Research Practice Partnership

Research Practice Partnership

Request to Conduct Research Form - Collaborative Research Initiative

If your proposal has been approved by district administrators, you will receive an email confirming your request to conduct research in the school district.

Request to Conduct Research Form

Meetings and Activities

Faculty and students who intend to conduct research in one of the BYU–Public School Partnership school districts must obtain approval from the school district prior to beginning their study. This is the order of how to apply for BYU and district approval.

  1. To ensure support of your proposed study, engage in conversations with relevant stakeholders (e.g., teacher, principal, special education director, curriculum director).
  2. Submit the IRB application to your college’s Scientific Review Committee, including evidence of conversations (e.g., emails) with the Partnership schools/districts to
  3. Submit the college-approved IRB application to
  4. Submit the approved-IRB to the school district via the “Consent to Conduct Research Form” found here:
  5. After review, the district administrator will email you whether your study has been approved or not.