Math Endorsement

Math Endorsement


How Do I Obtain the Endorsement?

Upon successful completion of the UEME coursework, participants are eligible to apply for the Utah Elementary Mathematics Endorsement. Please see the Endorsement To-Do List page for more application information.

Attendance Policy

This policy is formulated on the fact that missing one class of the Mathematics Endorsement is equal to missing three classes of a regular course. We recognize that teachers may have to miss one class due to parent-teacher conferences but that will be counted as one missed class. Participants are expected to attend classes that may be held during spring break or other school breaks.

The following is the attendance policy for all classes of the Mathematics Endorsement offered through CITES:

Two missed classes, excused or unexcused—loss of a full grade (from A to B, for example). Three missed classes, excused or unexcused —no credit for the class. Missing one hour of class time, excused or unexcused (either by coming late or leaving early), will count as a missed class.

Exceptions to this policy may be considered through a written request to Dr. Barry Graff, CITES Professional Development Director.


Location is determined by the instructor but may be held at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah or Cascade Elementary in Orem Utah.


For partnership district schools, $900.00 tuition for six classes (compared to $331 per credit hour in graduate school). Some Partnership districts have opted to pay the full tuition costs, while others may provide partial or no financial support. $147.00 (subject to change) posting fee per class, paid by the student. Textbooks (approximately $50.00 - $100.00 per semester).


Contact Dr. Damon Bahr or Alena Allred for more information.

Dr. Brandon McMillan

Teacher Education

Alena Allred



Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 4:30—7:30.

Cohort 8: Fall 2021—Spring 2023

These BYU Continuing Education courses fulfill the requirements for the Utah Elementary Mathematics Endorsement:

  1. Numbers and Operations: 3 Credits

  2. Data Analysis and Problem Solving: 3 Credits

  3. Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning: 3 Credits

  4. Algebraic Reasoning: 3 Credits

  5. Geometry and Measurement (Winter 2023): 3 Credits

  6. Assessment and Intervention (Spring 2023): 3 Credits