Endorsement To-Do List

Endorsement To-Do List

Getting Started

Before the first class begins
  1. Locate OR create your Net ID, which is your BYU personal identification to track your official documentation.
    • You will use your Net ID each time you apply for BYU credit and access your transcripts.
    • If you have ever attended BYU, it is important to locate your existing Net ID. Learn why and how below.
    • If you do not have a Net ID, create one.
  2. Register for BYU credit through BYU Conferences and Workshops.
    • Register before the first day of class.
    • Go to ce.byu.edu.Sign in with your BYU account information. Under “Academic”, choose your endorsement and then your specific course.
    • Phone Registration: Call the conference's workshop registration team at (801) 422-8925. Specify the course you want to purchase.
  3. Go to myBYU and log in using your Net ID and password.

    View your transcript by clicking on “View Grades and Academic Progress” under the “Personal Information” heading on the left sidebar. Three to four weeks after each semester, check your transcript to confirm proper credit is given. You will need to request an official transcript to apply for the endorsement when you complete your coursework.

Locating Your BYU Account

If you have ever previously attended BYU, you probably already have a BYU account. Creating a new account when you already have one will result in your having two transcripts. Merging accounts is possible, but can only be done by you and is a laborious process. So if you are unsure, try all the methods below.

If you are unable to sign in but you remember your Net ID and your security questions:

  1. Go to myBYU.
  2. Click “Need help logging in?”
  3. Click “Enter your Net ID”.
  4. Type in your Net ID.
  5. Answer the security question.
  6. Check your recovery email for a password reset verification code.
  7. Enter the verification code from your email.
  8. Create a new password that meets the requirements, and click “Continue” to finish.

If you are unable to sign in and you do not remember your Net ID or your security questions:

  1. Go to myBYU.
  2. Click “Need help logging in?”
  3. Click “Enter your Recovery Email”.
  4. Type in your recovery email.
  5. Check your recovery email for a login information request.
  6. Follow the directions in the email to recover your account.

If the above options do not work for you, please contact the Office of Information Technology at (801) 422-4000.

Obtaining Your Endorsement

Educator Applications for Licenses/Endorsements

For individuals who complete coursework at a university, they should follow these steps:

  1. The educator must get a transcript from the university(ies) sent directly to Educator Licensing (transcripts@schools.utah.gov).
  2. The educator completes the endorsement application form. https://www.schools.utah.gov/licensing/apply
  3. The educator submits the application form and any supporting documentation that is not a college/university transcript to SM Apply. https://usbelicensing.smapply.us/

    With the exception of the transcripts, which may not be required depending on the options selected by the educator, all endorsements must be applied for in this manner.

Attendance Policy

Attendance in this program is vital. Missing one class of the Mathematics Endorsement is equal to missing three classes of a regular course. We recognize that teachers may have to miss one class due to parent-teacher conferences, but that will count as one absence. Participants are expected to attend classes that may be held during spring break or other school breaks.

Two missed classes, excused or unexcused—loss of a full grade (from A to B, for example). Three missed classes, excused or unexcused —no credit for the class.

Missing one hour of class time, excused or unexcused (either by arriving late or leaving early), will count as one missed class. Exceptions to this policy may be considered through a written request to Dr. Barry Graff, CITES Professional Development Director (149-C MCKB).